About Us

United Parents is a grass roots nonprofit agency founded in 1990 on the basic principle of “parents helping parents”. Understanding the unique challenges of families raising children with emotional, behavioral or mental disorders, we identify and bridge gaps in traditional services by integrating local resources to enhance the long term outcomes in the home and community. We advocate for families to be recognized as full partners in the treatment and care of their children which is key to recovery.


United Parents is family driven.

United Parents is the voice of families building a bridge to recovery.

United Parents is innovative; it seeks to identify, design & fill the gaps in treatment services.

United Parents is an autonomous organization that works with other agencies and professionals in a collaborative, non-adversarial manner.

United Parents encourages approaches to healing and recovery as diverse as our community.

United Parents Offers:

Parent Partners: Experienced and trained parents partners work with professionals and parents to avoid crisis and conflicts in the home. We coordinate interventions with clinicians to enhance treatment success and advocate for effective, practical mental health approaches that encourage wellness & recovery.

Educational Advocacy: Educational Advocates assist parents in navigating the complex Special Education and mental health systems by facilitating the Individual Education Plan (IEP) process; 504 Accommodations; and positive behavior supports.

Respite services: Trained workers provide a short term break that helps parents raising children with mental health, emotional and behavioral disorders relax from daily routines and stress, helping stabilize the home and family, minimizing crisis.

Advocacy: United Parents advocates at local and state levels for approaches to treatment that acknowledge family strengths, diversity and partnership. We also advocate for families to be accountable and we work with professionals to strengthen both agencies and treatment outcomes.

Parenting workshops: Workshops designed for parents with children with emotional, behavior or mental disorders include role playing to learn solutions and strategies to prevent and de-escalate challenging behaviors. Workshops are also available to help parents learn the ins and outs of medications, mental disorders, special education, avoiding burn out, etc.

Library: Families have access to books, videos, CDs about parenting special needs children. The library is located at the United Parents Office.

Professional Trainings: Information that is learned through extensive clearances, certifications and on-going trainings to maintain a high professional standard and meet the needs of our special families, is shared with others looking to enhance their understanding of mental disorders, knowledge and skills.

Monthly Support Groups: A dynamic forum of families to share, explore, suggest, educate and encourage each other as we care for our challenging children.


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