Respite Program

Respite is a short-term, temporary break for the parents or caregivers of a child with emotional, behavioral or mental health issues to relax and regroup in order to be the best parent you can be.  This “time off” is essential in providing a calm, stable home.  Trained Respite Providers will care for your child(ren) in or out of the home while you go shopping, go to a movie, or stay home for some quiet time.

Respite for parents whose children have been referred by Ventura County Behavioral Health (VCBH). Families pay on a sliding scale, usually $1-$5 an hour for up to ten hours a month of respite care.  The balance is subsidized through a contract with VCBH.

When funding allows, group activities are planned that are not included in the ten hours per month of respite care.

How the Respite program works:

  1. Call for an application.
  2. We will call you for an appointment, come to your home, meet you and your Family and have you meet your Respite Provider.
  3. If your child has special needs, we will discuss and document medications and any other accommodations. We will also ask about your home rules and restrictions on media (videos, games, movies).
  4. You can then set up regularly scheduled appointments with the respite worker.
  5. You let the respite worker know if you want your child to remain home or if going out is OK.
  6. You must use this time to enjoy, relax and socialize! It’s a great stress reducer.
  7. Your respite worker will be professional, but fun; engaging and good at setting limits. They will model good social skills and redirect poor behavior.

Not a Client of Ventura County Behavioral Health? We can still help!

You can contact us to determine if Respite Care could help your family through our fee for service program.

About our Respite Providers….

We do background checks, fingerprinting, and offer ongoing trainings as tools to assist our Respite Providers.  They are also CPR/1st Aid certified. Respite Providers are familiar with enhancing social skills, are aware of mental health issues, and offer behavioral supports for children.  They don’t just “sit” with children, they form positive relationships.  They go to the mall, movies, read stories, various outings, or may stay home with your child.

Click here  to download an application for RESPITE SERVICES  (pdf)                

To expedite Respite Services, print off the application, fill it out as completely as possible and then fax application to:

(805) 384-1080 (Attn: Hannah Abitia)

If you prefer, you may call our office and request to have a Respite application mailed to your home or office.

Call United Parents today for more information (805) 384-1555