Parent Partners

Parent Partner Program

All families experience challenges when raising children. Most can move beyond the problems.  Sometimes the behaviors your child(ren) demonstrate are so difficult you don’t know what to do. Nothing seems to work.  Therapy is helping, but you need more help!

What is a Parent Partner?

A Parent Partner is a clinically supervised para-professional who has raised a child with a mental, emotional or behavioral disorder.  They understand frustration, being blamed, losing hope, losing patience-all the challenges that go with raising children with special needs.

Ongoing formal training reinforces the importance of family focused, strength based strategies.  Parent Partners receive training on mental illnesses, treatments, therapies; Non-Violent Crisis Prevention, specific parenting skills, Special Education, Probation, Foster/Kinship systems; and on-going compliance with HIPPA.

Parent Partners also receive specific training in Grief, Domestic Violence, and Recovery.

Parent Partners work closely with the family’s clinician to enhance treatment plan goals with practical applications in the home.

FAST – Family Access & Support Team

FAST is an innovative, short term and exciting partnership between United Parents and Ventura County Behavioral Health (VCBH). It is designed to help families overcome problems which can result in serious crisis. Ask your therapist to refer you to FAST. 

A Parent Partner combines their own life experience of raising a child with challenging behaviors with on-going training to help highly stressed families move toward a more peaceful, functional home.  Parent Partners work closely with your clinician. The program is designed to help your family identify what is working, what triggers the problems, and brainstorm new strategies and ideas that can break the cycle of crisis.

What can you expect?

  • To work hard
  • Improvement
  • To be involved
  • Practical answers
  • Create more peace at home
  • Have realistic expectations
  • Create a better family life

 The Next Step. . .

1.  If you feel the program might help your family,  ask your VCBH therapist for a referral.

2.  Once we receive the referral we will assign a parent partner, as soon as we are able, depending on availability.

3.  We  will come to your home, meet you and your family to discuss your hopes, concerns and expectations.

4.  With your permission, we will coordinate goals with your clinician and other support services.

5.  You choose a day and time when we can meet regularly with your family.

6.  Together we will create an action plan—one everyone can start to use immediately.

7.  We will research and link you to resources that will continue to support you after FAST leaves (usually 3-9 months).

8.  We are action oriented & dedicated to helping  families  reach their goals.

9. We are respectful, honest, creative, and professional.

 Monthly Support Groups

Parents meet throughout the county to discuss the challenges of raising children.  Call United Parents or click on this link for a schedule of meetings.

Support Groups

Call United Parents for more information about Parent Partners and the FAST Program @ 805 384 1555.