Family Mediation      

More children than ever are being raised by a single parent, or are part of a “blended” family.  Problems, arguments, resentments, misunderstandings and hostilities can be minimized or avoided all together between parents-it is destructive to the healthy development of your child.  With solid Parent Plan that all parties agree to your child will feel more secure and loved.

Mediation does not blame, judge or find fault. Our goal is to find common ground for agreement.

What do Mediators do ?

A mediator meets with both parents and helps them try to agree on a plan that is best for their child. The mediator’s job is to:

  • Listen to both of you.
  • Help you look at different options.
  • Help you decide when the child will be with each parent.
  • Help you decide how future decisions about your child will be made.
  • Help you consider how best to protect your child’s safety and welfare.
  • Treat each other with respect. You will both get a chance to explain your ideas.
  • Listen to each other and try to find real solutions.
  • Put the children first. Think about what they need and can handle.

Our Mediators

Our advocates are trained in mediation.  We are not attorneys, but participate in on-going trainings and conferences to stay current with skills, legislation and changes in protocols.

We work collaboratively with Parents, Grandparents, Schools, Agencies and the community.

Our goal is to do what is best for the child.

We take the time to review and explain all processes and procedures, results and recommendations.  Our approach has proven to be overwhelmingly successful. Mediation is in everyone’s best interest because it meets as many of everyone’s needs as possible

If formal legal assistance is needed, we will provide a list of Attorneys who can help.

Securing Your Child’s Future

Best of all, you will learn how to advocate, compromise and come to agreement yourself so you can insure your child of ongoing success.

To Begin

• Call our office for an “intake”.

• You will be asked to provide certain paperwork

• We will discuss our fees, usually $50 per hour with a sliding scale available.

• We can’t proceed without the paperwork asked for.

• We will review your paperwork when received.

• Family mediation appointments will be made after all parties agree to the meeting.

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