Educational Advocacy

Educational Advocacy Program

Is your child:

  • Refusing to go to school ?
  • Having problems retaining information ?
  • Exhibit behavioral problems ?
  • Emotionally overwhelmed at school ?
  • Not able to socialize with peers ?
  • Failing academically ?

Our advocates can assist you to:

* Identify your child’s strengths

* Identify areas where your child requires assistance

* Learn what services are available at school and in the community

* Establish your child’s educational goals

* Customize an educational plan

* Determine short term, long term and transitional goals

* Follow up to insure the plan is working

* Be aware of changes in education laws affecting children with disabilities

Who we are

United Parents assists parents with children ages two through twenty-two obtain the resources their child needs to get a high school diploma or equivalent.  Advocates help for parents trying to navigate the complex Special Education system, explain testing and assessment procedures, eligibility, placement, and stay current on changing educational laws.

Securing your child’s future

Best of all, you will learn to advocate yourself so you can insure your child’s ongoing academic success.

Our Advocates

* Are not attorneys

* Participate in on-going trainings and conferences to stay current with legislations and changes in procedures.

* Work collaboratively with local and statewide organizations that offer support and legal opinions as needed.

We acknowledge family strengths and diversity while facilitating the process to determine whether a child with academic difficulties may have disabilities which interfere with their academic success.  English and Spanish speaking advocates, who have navigated the system with their own children, use a non-adversarial approach to enable parents to work more effectively with school personnel to plan meaningful educational programs for their children with disabilities.

If formal legal assistance is needed, we will provide a list of Educational Attorneys who can help.

To Begin

* Call our office for a short, fifteen minute consultation and/or intake.

* You will be asked to sign paperwork so that we can request information from schools, clinics, and psychologist, etc.

* If you are a client of Probation or Child Family Services, we will verify your eligibility for free services.

* We will review your paperwork when received.

* Recommendations will be made and support provided.

Not a client of Probation or Child Family Services (CFS) ?  We can still help !

You can contact us to determine if Educational Advocacy could help you with your child’s education through our fee for service program.

Call United Parents today for more information (805) 384-1555

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